14 Jul 2012

Ketty Perry | A suspecious personality

Ketty perry is one of the young Female Singer from USA.

Complete Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
DOB: 25th October 1984
Born in: Santa Barbara, California USA
Height: 5.8” (1.73m)
Profession: Singer, Songwriter, musician
Siblings: Angela Hudson and David Hudson
Parents: Keith Hudson, Mary Perry

She got education in Santa Barbara California until 9th grade. So she got her G.E.D. (early high school diploma) at this age.
With Parents in Germany
A famous well known singer Katty Perry was born in one of the conservative families. Her parents were Pastors. Her parents had never allowed her to hear pop music. This is quite amazing to know that Ketty Perry told in her interview that “only thing I was allowed to listen was Sister act 1 and 2”. Her parents also never let her watch the Cable TV channels (MTV and VH1).
Childhood of Ketty Perry
She was interested in singing at the very little age.  When she was only 9, she started to take Singing lessons.  Ketty was inspired by the Queen, so she explored herself into the singing. She moved to Nashville at the age of 15. She wanted to sing and have a proper training for that. At 17, she met Glen Ballard. She got famous soon due to her amazing and unique videos.
Ketty was going to one of the opposite direction where her parents were bringing them. In her interview she stated that my parents stole my childhood in Christianity. From start she was so different from her parents.

Ketty has explored her relationship with Robert Ackroyd.

According to her different interviews we can easily get that how different is she in thinking.

She have released many albums and so many songs yet.

Her latest awards are:

People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Guest Star, People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Music Performer, People's Choice Award for Favorite Tour Headliner

Not only have this she got nomination for many other awards. Her Latest song is“wide Awake”.






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